It is easy to give to the Body of Christ!

Tithes and Offerings are still essential to maintaining the health of the ministry of Jesus Christ in the world. We understand that not everyone can make it every Sunday to place their offering in the offering plate; that is why we are making giving more accessible.

1. Paypal: Click this button to donate by credit card.

3. Bank Draft: Contact Judy in the church office, 892-6740. Fill out a form and your $ will be drafted from your bank account automatically.

4. Mail it in: Write a check and send it to the church,

3622 Augusta Hwy, Gilbert, SC, 29054

"For God loves a cheerful giver."- 2 Corinthians 9:7

2. Venmo: Go to Venmo.com and sign up for an account. Then find us @CherokeePresbyterian and send $ directly from your bank account.

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